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  1. I read on your blog that you use Dynasty wonton wrappers. Are those made in a nut-free facility or on dedicated lines? My son is pn/ tn. TIA!

  2. Just started looking at your website and blog. You have great tips and I have the Better for you Mochi in the oven right now. I cant wait to taste it. I did modify it a bit. Instead of 4 tbls I used 8 and added about a less than 1/4c of 2% milk. I cant wait to try the baos…
    Thank you and have a wonderful day…

  3. As a Chinese descended adult with anaphylaxis and independent student of microbiology, I’m glad to have stumbled across your blog! I was brought up in the 90s and early 2Ks and my family didn’t have a helpful resource like your project. The severe reactions I had caused a significant stress for all of us, and some of the results have been a lot of frustration, being misunderstood, a sense of helplessness, trouble at school and work, chronic anxiety and suffering in silence. Blogs like yours remind people they’re not alone and inspire interest to better understand new treatments for allergies and the immune system in general.

    Thank you!

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