Important Email Updates for Subscribers

Important email update announcement with a laptop in the background

Thank you to everyone who subscribes to Nut Free Wok’s free newsletter by email. I have some important email updates for subscribers to share with you. Please read the entire post.

Sharon has a new email address

Effective February 1, I will send out Nut Free Wok’s Newsletter from a new email address:

Please save the new email address to your contacts so you will know the newsletter is really from me. If you receive an email or response from my original email address, it’s still me!

New email format

I plan to change my email service provider so the new newsletter will have a different format. We’re all busy so I won’t clutter your inbox. I plan to send you content that is timely and informative at least once per week, maybe two to three times (max)! In the comments, let me know how frequently you would like to receive an email from me.

How can you help?

I am so appreciative of everyone who has signed up for Nut Free Wok’s newsletter. If you received a link to this post and are reading it, that’s perfect!! All that I ask of everyone is to subscribe if you really want to hear from me.

1) Please read the emails and then visit Nut Free Wok.

It will be crucial going forward for you to open my emails and then read at least one link on Nut Free Wok. Opening the email to read lets your email service know to deliver my emails into your inbox. If you ever have any questions or concerns, reply to me, and let me know what’s on your mind.

2) Don’t want my emails?

It’s 100% fine to change your mind and decide to unsubscribe. Apparently, it will become best practice to send an occasional email to inactive subscribers to confirm whether they still want to hear from me. Please just unsubscribe, but please do not mark as spam, thank you.

Why Do You Need to Know Now?

I don’t want to lose anyone in the transition due to a new email address and a new email format within the next two weeks! I had planned to make some changes to my Nut Free Wok newsletters anyways but now it’s critical to implement the changes by February!

Google and Yahoo intend to make some changes in protecting our email inboxes which is great for all of us. You may have heard about these changes for your job or business. If you need more info, read Google’s annoucement.



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