9 Incredible Reason for Enjoy Life Baking Chips Snack Packs

Enjoy Life Baking Chips Snack Packs on a plate

As if anyone one needed a reason to buy or eat Enjoy Life Baking Chips Snack Packs…but I have 9 reasons to check it out!

I am happy to part of Enjoy Life Food’s blogger friends and from time to time I will receive samples to try and will tell you about them. This post and giveaway is sponsored by Enjoy Life Foods, please take a moment to visit their website.

Update (2/7/2023): Since this post was originally posted, Enjoy Life rebranded and discontinued this specific product. They still carry their baking chocolates in regular sized packages.

Disclaimer: Please check that all ingredients are suitable for your allergies and be sure to ask your medical care team regarding any allergy related questions (I do not share medical advice). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Enjoy Life Foods Baking Chips Snack Packs

Enjoy Life Foods took their Mini Chips and Dark Chocolate Morsels (affiliate link) and packaged them into 1 ounce snack packs, yay! It’s the same chips that they’ve always had but now we can buy them in snack sized packs and I offer 9 incredible reasons to check them out and enjoy…

In case you didn’t know, not only is Enjoy Life Foods a leading allergy friendly food manufacturer, they’re possibly an allergy mom’s best friend. All of their products are free from the top 8 allergens, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, wheat, soy, shell-fish, and fish as well as free from casein, potato, sesame, and sulfites. They are also gluten free, none of their products contain GMO and 46 products are verified by the Non-GMO Project. It’s exciting to see that Enjoy Life Foods now has their own dedicated nut free facility in Indiana and they have been launching lots of new products including these little bags of tasty chocolates.

Enjoy Life Baking Chips Snack Packs package

Eat and Enjoy (Life)

1. Extra chocolate: My favorite snack besides chocolate is Enjoy Life Food’s Fruit and Seed Mixes but sometimes I add a spoonful (or two or three, see #2 below) of their chocolate chips for a treat. With the Baking Chips Snack Packs, I can enjoy a seed mix and extra baking chips together on the go!

2. Portion controlled treat: Each package contains 12 snack packs, 1 ounce each. (see #1 above)

3. Safe and portable sprinkles on the go: Imagine how sweet it would be to have access to safe sprinkles or cupcake decorations while away from home. You can make someone’s day by giving them some chocolate so they can decorate their allergy friendly homemade cupcakes or have an extra treat. 

Enjoy Life Baking Chips Snack Pack in a jar

Share with purpose

4. Candy jar: Fill a candy jar with something that could be inclusive to those with food restrictions and create an opportunity to talk about food allergies and awareness with family, friends, and colleagues.

5. Travel goodwill: If you feel anxious about strangers eating nuts or other allergens around you on an airplane when you travel, bring some allergy friendly snacks to share so that if you need to ask them to help keep you safe, at least you can share something with them so they aren’t hungry because they can’t eat their own snack. 

6. Trick or Treat: You may have heard about the Teal Pumpkin Project where people display a teal pumpkin to let people know that they will offer non-food treats, such as small toys, stickers, pencils, etc.. Share food allergy awareness by offering Baking Chip Snack Packs to trick or treaters who would love some allergy friendly chocolate. 

Enjoy Life Baking Chips Snack Packs on a plate

Share with love & go over the top

7. Sweet surprises: Attach an encouraging note to the Baking Chip Snack Pack and add it to a lunch box or leave it on their desk, favorite spot, or pillow. It’s the little things that count.

8. Care packages: Add it to a care package for someone who lives far away, such as a college student or loved one. You might make their day.

9. Get crafty: Make a cute graphic with a catchy phrase, print them out and attach them to a snack pack and pass them out as shower favors, holiday greetings, Valentines, etc.. Elizabeth at EBL Food Allergies has a creative idea for Halloween, go read about bat poop!

GIVEAWAY! (completed)

  • One lucky winner will receive two bags of Enjoy Life Baking Chips Snack Packs, one of each type, Mini Morsels and Dark Chocolate (24 snack packs).
  • All you have to do enter is to answer the following question in the comments below: What will you be for Halloween, if you are dressing up?
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  • Visit Enjoy Life Food’s webpage for more information about their new Baking Chips Snack Packs and be sure to check if their products are safe for your family before consuming.  
  • This giveaway is open only to US residents, no purchase necessary. It begins today, October 18, 2016 and ends on Monday, October 24, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Good luck!!

Check out Enjoy Life Foods’ other products available on Amazon (affiliate link).

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  1. I plan to dress up as a mom whose teen has finally reached the age of doing Halloween with his friends and not ToTing. It’s a bit of a specific costume, but it fits me to a t 🙂

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  3. We are all going to be superheroes. My boys picked batman and superman, hubby is captain America and my little ones picked Wonder Woman for me “because you are the bestest mommy”. ❤️❤️❤️ Love those boys!

  4. I dress “up” as a bum! It is my favorite “go to” and I love every minute of it. It still takes a little more planning than one would think or ppl will think you just got through cleaning your basement instead of a costume!

  5. We have an annual neighborhood party to go too but I am still undecided as to what to go as. I am thinking maybe a cat 🙂

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