7 Reasons to Walk in BJ’s Memory

BJ Hom and his family at his graduation
The Hom family with BJ at his high school graduation. Photo courtesy of the Hom family

Update: This post is from 2015 and updated with minor edits in 2023 for readability. Even though it’s been many years since we had a food allergy awareness walk, the reasons to gather and to advocate haven’t changed and BJ’s story and family will forever be in our hearts.

Finding Community Thru Food Allergy Events

I am pleased to share with you that I will be an in-kind sponsor for FAACT’s California Bay Area Walk/Run for Food Allergies in Memory of BJ Hom in 2015. I confess that I didn’t always make it a priority to attend food allergy walks though. I had heard about a food allergy walk in San Francisco when my younger son was first diagnosed with food allergies but our family could never attend due to scheduling conflicts.

We had a good routine but keeping a child safe and included is hard when not everyone understands the seriousness of food allergies. Eventually we had a few food allergy related issues come up that made me like I needed to become part of the solution to support those working on a cure for food allergies and to raise food allergy awareness in the meantime. That’s when I decided to reach out to the organizers of our local food allergy walk and had a heartbreaking conversation with Brian Hom.

7 Reasons to Walk In Memory of BJ - Nut Free Wok
The Hom family with BJ at his high school graduation. Photo courtesy of the Hom family

Brian shared with me his sad story about losing his son, BJ due to a fatal anaphylactic reaction to peanuts during a family vacation in Mexico. I could only imagine the emotional pain of sharing his son’s last words and last moments with me. I was deeply moved by Brian’s passion to raise awareness in order to save lives and spare other families of the same grief and pain their family feels through the loss of their son.

Food Allergies Don’t Take Vacations

If you are not familiar with BJ’s story, be sure to watch this YouTube video, Food Allergies Don’t Take Vacations.

Brian is an amazing advocate dad!

I had the pleasure to assist Brian in his 2012 and 2013 food allergy walks in San Jose to raise money for FARE (formerly FAAN). As we worked closely together, I observed that Brian is one of a kind and goes out of his way to raise awareness in our community.

  • Brian and his family host a fundraiser car show with food trucks, entertainment, and local celebrity appearances.
  • He organizes food allergy awareness nights at local sporting events with sections of seats which are peanut free and a portion of ticket sales benefits food allergy advocacy.
  • He networks with local politicians and invites them to the food allergy walks. He makes time to go out into the community and share his story at events, at supermarket give-back days, at local festivals, etc..
  • He is an inspiring advocate and gives generously of his time and energy to encourage and inspire other advocates and food allergy organizations, including his role as a board member of FAACT. I’m so grateful to Brian and his wonderful family for being so open and selfless.

Come to the walk!

  1. We are so lucky to have Brian and his family in our community and I hope you will clear your schedule to show your support of the Hom family and to honor BJ’s memory.
  2. It’s a great opportunity to have fun, be a part of a big food allergy family, and meet new friends.
  3. Brian told me that he will have a pumpkin patch (hint: you can get a head start on decorating your teal pumpkins when you get home!). He’s incredible!
  4. If you are not local to the Bay Area, come for a visit and make it a fun weekend as we have the best weather in October.
  5. There will be an incredible lineup of wonderful friends from FAACT, local allergists, singers, and entertainers.
  6. Many thanks to FAACT and Eleanor Garrow-Holding, FAACT CEO for sponsoring the event. You can meet her at the event too.
  7. Money raised will benefit FAACT’s advocacy and education programs and Sean N. Parker Allergy Research Center.

I hope to see you there too, look for me and my Nut Free Wok apron!

7 reasons to walk in memory of BJ - Nut Free Wok

Event details for California Bay Area Walk/Run for Food Allergies in Memory of BJ Hom in 2015

FAACT is honored to sponsor the California Bay Area Walk/Run for Food Allergies in Memory of BJ Hom in 2015. This walk will be held in conjunction with the San Jose “A Day in the Park” Celebration.

Brian Hom, FAACT Board of Directors Member, and his family organized the first walk in 2011 to honor his son BJ, who lost his life due to an allergic reaction to peanut. The Hom family is dedicated to supporting food allergy education and outreach through this event.

Saturday, October 3, 2015
9 am to 12 noon, Registration at 9 am
Lake Cunningham Park, Cypress Pavilion
2305 South White Road
San Jose, CA 95148

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  1. I am soooo sad I won’t make it! I’ll be in Minnesota with the fabulous Nona Narveaz presenting at the MN Food Allergy Conference. I wish you all a good walk and time. There will always be a spot in my heart for Brian and the good work he does.

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