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Share is 10 years old! I have a special celebration planned for this milestone! “10 Giveaways in 10 Days” to celebrate Nut Free Wok’s 10th Blogiversary.

Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Rodelle and receive products to use and review. Please check that all ingredients are suitable for your allergies and be sure to ask your medical care team regarding any allergy related questions (I do not share medical advice). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Disclosure: I’m donating my time for this giveaway and the companies listed below are providing products for the giveaways. The giveaways are not affiliated with Instagram, Meta, Target, or Amazon. All opinions are my own.

10 Year Recap: Gratitude 🙏

Thank you dear readers and friends for your constant support of! When I started blogging about my family’s favorite recipes and my food allergy mom life, I never thought about how long I would blog but amazingly it’s been 10 years!

A lot can happen in 10 years! While I try to share and advocate as much as I can, I juggle life, work, family, home, etc.. I am super proud to send my kids off to college. It was wild to cook during a global health crisis for a family of four, develop 60 recipes in 60 days for a cookbook, and then adapt to cooking for 2 empty-nesters all in the span of one year! Thank you for believing in me and for the honor of receiving the Best Allergy-Free Blogger award.

A lot of thanks and credit goes to my family. My family has contributed a lot to this blog with their taste testing and feedback as well as their stories and ideas. My husband is the tech guy behind the website and provides all kinds of support. So many readers have become friends, thank you for seeing me. I may be the face of Nut Free Wok, but you and my family are the heart. Love you all!

Nut Free Wok’s 10th Blogiversary: 10 Giveaways in 10 Days

I decided to celebrate big by hosting a big giveaway. I’m partnering with some of my favorite companies to give away 10 gifts over 10 days! The allergy friendly companies that make nut-free and allergy safe foods have been wonderful partners over the years. I cannot think of a better way to highlight the best of the best and share the love with you! Many thanks to Rodelle, ZEGO Foods, BRIANNAS, The Greater Knead, Snack Safely, Safe + Fair, Spokin, Enjoy Life Foods, and Koon Chun for their generous gifts for’s blogiversary celebration!

On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, go visit my Instagram page and follow the instructions to enter, super easy! A new giveaway will start everyday between February 21 to March 1 so check back daily for multiple opportunities to win. All the food related gifts are nut-free but double check that they align with your allergies and preferences for your household before entering. Ages 18+ and US addresses only. Giveaways are not affiliated with Instagram, Meta, Target, or Amazon. See below for complete rules.

Day 1 (2/21): Rodelle – Allergy Friendly Extracts

I have been a Rodelle brand ambassador for many years now. I love that their vanilla extracts and other baking extracts are made without peanuts or tree nuts in their facilities. They are very responsive if you need to clarify regarding other allergens. One of my most favorite recipes using Rodelle vanilla is Po Tat, an egg tart in a puff pastry shell.

Rodelle Giveaway #1: 8oz Gourmet Vanilla Extract, 4oz Rodelle Natural Vanilla Paste, 4 oz Rodelle Pure Madagascar Bourbon, 2oz Chocolate Extract, and a Rodelle tote bag

Day 2 (2/22): ZEGO Foods – Top 9+ Allergen Free

ZEGO Food‘s products follow the Purity Protocol for gluten-free standards and are produced in a top 9+ allergen free facility. We can also have additional peace of mind that they also test for 500 other agricultural chemicals. I love that ZEGO provides a QR code on the package so we can see the available allergen and chemical test results.

ZEGO Giveaway: one bag of each flavor – Organic Oats, Cinnamon Twist Muesli, Apple Cranberry Muesli.

Day 3 (2/23): BRIANNAS: Nut-Free and Gluten-Free Dressings

BRIANNAS makes dressings and marinades that are gluten-free, sesame-free, and nut-free, with some dairy-free and egg-free options. I also love that their products do not contain trans fat and high fructose corn syrup. My favorite dressing is BRIANNAS poppy seed dressing.

They also recently launched a line of delicious marinades and I love chicken breasts marinated with their Citrus Mediterranean marinade and then baked. Their delicious croutons (contains wheat) are also made in a nut-free facility and so good with salads and soups.

I love BRIANNAS FAQ and Product Attributes page, which answers most people’s food allergen and nutrition questions. I think that providing information about allergens is so helpful for people with food allergies. They informed me that they’re in the process of updating these pages, please contact them if you have additional questions.

BRIANNAS Giveaway: your choice of a variety pack of nut-free, sesame-free, and gluten-free dressings and marinades and a variety pack of croutons made in a nut-free facility, contains milk, wheat, and soy.

Day 4 (2/24): The Greater Knead – Top 9 Allergen Free & Gluten Free Baked Goods

The Greater Knead makes top 9 allergen free and gluten free baked goods. They specialize in making bagels in a variety of flavors and have other products, including pretzel bites, bagel chips, and bags of their top allergen and gluten free flour. They’re available in stores as well as via a subscription service.

They have previously sent me samples of the bagels and pretzel bites. The bagels and pretzel bites are soft and chewy at the same time and very good considering they are made without dairy or eggs. To prepare the bagels, The Greater Knead recommends microwaving the frozen bagel for approximately 60 seconds and then toast them for the best texture and flavor.

The Greater Knead Giveaway: 4 packs of their bagels

Day 5 (2/25): SnackSafely

Dave and Debra Bloom, the co-founders of maintain an extensive database of allergy-friendly snacks and food products. I’m so thankful for their friendship over the years and their support of what I’m doing here at Nut Free Wok.

Dave generously offered to send two of their mugs that say “Warning: Mother of a child with food allergies, stop talking, sit down, and take notes” and a $10 Target gift card so that you can select your favorite coffee, tea, or other beverage. This gift is in celebration of friendships with moms and dads of children with food allergies. We make an incredible community when we collaborate.

SnackSafely Giveaway: two Snack Safely food allergy mom mugs and a Target gift card ($10 value, Target is not affiliated with this giveaway)

Day 6 (2/26): Safe + Fair – Top 9 Free Granola

Safe + Fair manufactures granola in a facility free from the top 9 allergens. That’s a big deal to this granola loving mama because granola typically contains nuts or have precautionary allergen labels for nuts. Safe + Fair granola is a game changer so that I can enjoy granola around my sons worry-free!

Safe and Fair Giveaway: your choice of two different flavors of their granola

Day 7 (2/27): Spokin

Spokin features a free app that helps people living with food allergies and celiac disease find allergy-safe foods and places to eat. The crowd-sourced reviews are submitted by people with varying food allergies, always double-check for your own food allergies before eating.

I had the pleasure to meet Susie Holquist, founder and CEO of Spokin, many years ago at a conference and love her passion and mission as a food allergy mom to create an app that is user-friendly for everyone, especially our young adult children and their friends.

Spokin Giveaway: Amazon gift card ($20 value)

Day 8 (2/28): Enjoy Life Foods – Free of 14 Top Allergens

Enjoy Life Foods makes products free of 14 top allergens and gluten. Their products include baking chocolate, chocolate bars, and lentil chips, all of which are delicious.

Enjoy Life will ship one winner a case of Enjoy Life baking chocolate! The winner will have their choice of 1 case (12 bags) of either Semi-sweet Mini Chips, Semi-sweet Mega Chunks, Dark Chocolate Morsels, Rice Milk Baking Morsels Chocolate, or White Mini Baking Chips.

Enjoy Life Foods Giveaway: one winner will receive a case of Enjoy Life baking chocolate (12 bags of the same variety)

Day 9 (2/29): Koon Chun – Chinese Cooking Sauces

Koon Chun is a 95 year old company founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Their “facility does not process peanuts, nuts, meat, eggs, or dairy.” Some products contain soy, wheat, sesame, oysters, and/or shrimp. I love that they use non-GMO soydbeans and do not use any chemicals or preservatives.

When I make Cantonese style Chinese recipes with Koon Chun sauces, I love that the flavors are spon-on. They’re my go-to brand of sauces for Chinese recipes and also widely used in Chinese restaurants.

You can find most of their products in well-stocked Asian supermarkets. Little mom and pop Chinese grocery stores will carry some products but not the entire line. I will personally shop and ship this gift to you due to logistics and I’m partnering with Koon Chun to make it happen! The Koon Chun cooking sauces will be subject to availability, but here’s my plan.

For this gift set, I am selecting two of my favorite soy sauces, a bottle of thin soy sauce for everyday cooking and a bottle of premium soy sauce for braises and stews. I also love oyster sauce and hoisin sauce, so you will receive those too. Bonus: I will also give you the option to select A) another sauce (subject to availability) or B) an autographed copy of Chinese Instant Pot Cookbook.

Koon Chun Giveaway: 4 Koon Chun cooking sauces, includes 2 soy sauces, 1 hoisin sauce, 1 oyster sauce. Bonus: your choice of one more jar of Koon Chun sauce or an autographed copy of Chinese Instant Pot Cookbook.

Day 10 (3/1): Rodelle – Allergy Friendly Extracts

Rodelle generously offered to share a second gift with Nut Free Wok readers. This gift features some of their vanilla products as well as their Fiori di Sicilia, one of their newest extracts which combines vanilla, citrus, and flower essence.

Rodelle Giveaway #2: 8oz Gourmet Vanilla Extract, 4oz Rodelle Natural Vanilla Paste, 4oz Rodelle Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract, 2oz Fiori di Sicilia, and a Rodelle tote bag

Giveaway Rules

  • How to enter:
    • Beginning on 2/21/2024 I will post one giveaway each day for 10 days on my Instagram page (not affiliated with Instagram). Generally, like the post, follow Nut Free Wok and [brand], tag your friends, and subscribe to my newsletter.
    • Entrants accept responsibility to verify that products are suitable for their allergies before entering.
    • Each giveaway will accept entries for 48 hours (or until I pick a winner).
    • You only need to subscribe one time with one email per person. You may unsubscribe later if you wish.
    • Bonus entry method: Leave a comment below indicating which giveaway you wish to enter, something positive about you, me, or the prize, and subscribe to my newsletter.
    • Duplicate, spam, or automated entries will be not be considered.
  • Winner qualification and notification:
    • I will randomly pick a winner and notify via comment, stories, and DM from my Nut Free Wok Instagram profile. Do not follow or respond to any copycat accounts.
    • The winner will have 24 hours to respond to me by email and provide a) their US mailing address, b) consent for me to share their contact and shipping information with the respective sponsor/brand. Otherwise, I will pick a new winner.
    • One winner per household.
    • This contest is open to people aged 18+ years and with US mailing addresses.
  • I reserve the right to cancel or modify this giveaway due to unforeseen reasons.
  • No substitutions, no cash value.
  • Giveaways are not affiliated with Instagram, Meta, Target, or Amazon.

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  1. Thank you for replying to me! I appreciate your time too! I will make sure to “comment” on the days through FB.😀 I don’t win these type of things but, I do appreciate it in general.🙂

  2. Thank you very much for the wonderful receipts. As Amon of an allergic kid, I am always looking for a new, safe and tasty foods.

  3. I always love all of your recipes! So many yummy things to make. I’d love to enter the drawing for the Enjoy Life Baking chocolate. I’ve never tried some of those options!

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