Allergy Aware Sriracha Sauce

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Allergy Aware Sriracha Sauce

The key to Allergy Aware Asian Fare is to start with allergy safe ingredients, such as allergy aware sriracha. I know that I’ve been dilly dallying about how to share my allergy aware pantry items with you in an organized way and matching it up with information from manufacturers. I give up on sharing in an orderly and organized way and will just start with with an ingredient that I needed to find out about for some new recipes because this particular manufacturer made it easy: Sriracha HOT Chili Sauce (affiliate link). Everyone say SIR-AH-CHA!

Allergy aware Sriracha sauce nut free wok


Even though I’ve seen Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha sauce in Vietnamese restaurants for as long as I can remember, I’ve never purchased my own bottle because I do not like spicy foods in general. This allergy aware sriracha sauce is the only spicy condiment I will eat and enjoy. And I am motivated to make some awesome peanut free pad thai at home and to have the right condiments for pho noodle soup. I love to dip the meat from my pho in one part sriacha sauce and two parts hoisin sauce stirred together.

Since I’m mostly non-committal to spicy foods, I bought the smallest bottle I could find (9 oz) and called the number listed on the bottle to check for potential cross contact of allergens. I was able to speak with someone who told me that all Huy Fong Foods makes are three Sriracha based products, all of which use the same ingredients: chili, sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar, potassium sorbate, sodium bisulfite, and xanthan gum. Top 8 allergen free, certified kosher, and gluten free per their vinegar supplier. Huge kudos to Huy Fong Foods for knowing their product and having a straight answer right away. For more information, visit their webpage:

Have you seen my recipe for Peanut Free Pad Thai That You Can Eat Everyday? It’s so good and you can use Sriracha in the sauce!

Peanut Free Pad Thai by Nut Free Wok
Peanut Free Pad Thai by Nut Free Wok

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  1. Have I mentioned that you are my Asian Foodie Queen of all things? If not, then I shall shout it out! I’ve been afraid of Asian fare and you have changed that. Thank you!!!!

    • Awww, Caroline, thank you! Allergy aware Asian fare is easy once you have a few basic ingredients and techniques down. I’m glad to share what I know if it makes life easier for all of us. <3

    • I’m sorry you had a reaction to it because of your sulfite allergy, I hope you are feeling better now. Unfortunately people can be potentially allergic to hundreds of food items and I mainly talk about what works for us. Please always read the labels and do your own research before you eat anything I mention.

    • Wow, that’s too bad that you have a Sulfite allergy- it’s a good thing that Sharon tries to be so thorough to keep most of us safe within her ability (I know it’s nearly impossible to make sure everything is 100% safe for everyone). Is there a brand that you have found to be safe that you could share with other Sulfite allergy sufferers? I’d love to share it with some of my clients! <3

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