Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo Recap (SF 2014): Asian Foods


Allergy Aware Asian Fare Highlights from the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo in San Francisco (2014)

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Feel Good Foods GFAF Expo Nut Free Wok

Feel Good Foods, hands down had the best gluten free egg rolls. Light and crispy on the outside, with a tasty filling on the inside. The egg rolls do not taste like they’re free of anything and are better than regular egg rolls from an Asian restaurant. Feel Good Foods also make dumplings (no samples) but if I can find either, I would definitely buy them for my children to try. Their foods are not made in an allergen free environment due to shared facilities. However, they do have strict allergen control policies as indicated in their FAQ.  UPDATE: THEY HAVE ADDED A NEW PRODUCT WHICH INCLUDES A PACKET OF CHOPPED PEANUTS. That’s a deal breaker for me, people with a peanut allergy consume at your own risk. If you are gluten free only, it’s still awesome.

San-J (affiliate link) makes organic tamari sauce, which is gluten free. One of the most important ingredients that makes Asian foods taste Asian is soy sauce. I tried one sample packet of the organic tamari when I made fried rice recently and the flavor was excellent. They also had some really nice giveaways (a flexible cutting board, a basting brush with a super long handle, gluten free soy samples, recipes, and packages of sesame crackers. They do make a peanut sauce but after finding out that they test the equipment’s rinse water for nut residues, I feel great about the safety of their soy sauce alternatives.

Because there is so much to share about the expo, I’ve created separate mini-posts:

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  1. Do you have any suggestions about brands of allergen free rice spring roll wrappers? Since most wrappers are produced in foreign countries and do not have contact information on their labels, I can’t contact them about cross contamination concerns. My children have severe allergies to peanut, tree nut and coconut. I once bought rice packaged in a manufacturing plant in an Asian country, on machines that package peanuts. They didn’t disclose this fact on the packaging and the children ended up with extremely severe allergic reactions. I only found out this information when I contacted the company afterward. That is why I am so concerned about cross contamination. Thanks.

    • Rosa, what a terrible experience! Can you share which brand of rice? I avoid a lot of dried goods for that very reason, I don’t know when a product is packaged on shared equipment with peanuts. As for product recommendations, I use Flying Horse Brand, distributed by Walong and available at 99 Ranch stores. Last time I called to check, they were peanut and tree nut free. Thanks for your comment and if you prefer to share the brand of rice privately, you can email me at nutfreewok [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

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