Turkey Spam Musubi Recipe

Turkey Spam Musubi on a plate with cucumber slices

Turkey Spam Musubi is perfect to-go snack because it’s tasty and filling. I prefer to use Spam made with turkey because it’s a leaner protein than their Classic Spam. This post was updated on 12/24/2023.

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We Love Hawaii’s Hospitality & Delicious Foods!

I went with my parents to Hawaii with my parents for spring break many years ago and it was one of my favorite trips that we took together. We walked around Waikiki, took a tour bus around Oahu to see the tourist attractions, enjoyed a sunset dinner cruise, watched a free hula show on the beach at sunset, and enjoyed the lovely fragrance of plumeria blossoms that were flowering everywhere we went. Just thinking about the trip reminds me of when my mom and I had fun posing with the hula dancers’ grass skirts while my dad took pictures. Granted, we were in a tropical paradise, but it was sweet to see my parents relax, have a fun time when they were both happy, healthy, and carefree. If time could stand still, that would be the perfect moment.

Hubby and I celebrated our honeymoon and our first anniversary in Hawaii, and when we felt stir crazy after having two babies, two years apart, we celebrated our little family with a trip to Oahu. We went on a cruise around the Hawaiian islands to celebrate life and miracles with our friend who recovered from a serious accident. I also wrote about our trip to Maui with some travel tips for nut allergies. Hawaii will always be my happy place with many fond memories of fun times with special people, and delicious food such as spam musubi.

Optional: add a sprinkle of furikake (Japanese sesame seasoning) if not allergic to sesame.

What is Spam Musubi?

Spam musubi is a type of sushi that is made with rice and a cooked piece of spam seasoned with soy sauce and sugar wrapped with a piece of nori. They are perfect for road trips so we can stop and have a picnic break anytime. I make spam musubi when my children go on school field trips so that they have a tasty, portable and safe lunch.

We live in an area that is high risk for earthquakes and disaster preparedness is crucial so I buy Oven Roasted Turkey Spam to keep on hand as a high protein but lower in fat and sodium option that requires little to minimum cooking before eating. I like turkey Spam because it’s a little bit healthier than classic Spam. I rotate our supply of Spam by making Turkey Spam Musubi for road trips, picnics, and potlucks (always a crowd pleaser!).

However, if Spam doesn’t appeal to you, you can always substitute other ingredients that are cooked and tender such as chicken, fish, tofu, eggs, or chopped vegetables but just be mindful to eat within 2 hours.

Turkey Spam Musubi Ingredients:

Rice – I use Calrose or short grain rice. I’ve tried using brown short grain rice but the rice doesn’t stick together very well which makes a messy musubi.

Spam – I like Spam – Oven Roasted Turkey but if I can’t find the turkey version, I will buy the reduced sodium variety. You can use regular (classic) Spam too.

Seaweed (Nori) sheets – I have tried a number of different brands and I like Yamamotoyama best. It has a nice flavor and tender texture. I also like Ocean’s Halo nori because it stays fresh longer than other brands. Be sure to buy their full sized sheets and not the snack packs. Other brands are most likely nut-free, but always read the label and check with the manufacturer.

Sesame allergy alert: be aware that there is a “seasoned” variety of nori sheets which contain sesame oil, be sure to check the ingredient label.

Seasoning – I use Mr. Yoshida’s Original Sauce but if you don’t have that you can use soy sauce and sugar (approximately 2:1 ratio). I also have a homemade teriyaki sauce recipe that will work. See What’s in Nut Free Wok’s Cupboard? Allergy Aware Ingredients for other recommendations.

Recommend: Musubi Mold

A spam musubi mold – I used to shape musubi by hand which takes forever and the results looks awful! I have a 4 inch plastic mold but my favorite one is 8 inches wide so that I can make musubi twice as fast! I bought mine from a local Hawaiian grocery store but you can order a musubi maker online as well.

If you want to double the recipe, you will need more rice, an extra can of spam and at least 8 nori sheets. Be aware that if you triple the recipe, you will also need more rice, 3 cans of spam, and 12 nori sheets. Most nori packages contain 10 sheets so you might need to buy 2 packs.

Related Hawaiian Food Recipes:

I love to make Hawaiian inspired dishes to enjoy with my family or to bring to potlucks or picnics. My blog has enough recipes for you to help you with a luau-themed menu! Instant Pot Kalua Pork with Cabbage, Top 8 Free or Slow Cooker Kalua Pork with Bacon and Cabbage Recipe, Top 8 Free are great to share. You can serve them with rice or with King’s Hawaiian Rolls (nut-free, sesame-free) as sliders.

For sides, you might consider a sweet pickle salad and/or Instant Pot Okinawan Sweet Potatoes, Two Ways. My recipe for Better For You Butter Mochi, a Hawaiian dessert is always a hit.

Turkey Spam Musubi Recipe

Turkey Spam musubi is leaner version of a Hawaiian treat Spam musubi, a piece of pan fried and seasoned Spam with rice, wrapped with nori.

Author Sharon Wong


  • 2 1/4 cups short grain or Calrose rice (3 scoops/muk)
  • 1 can Spam Oven Roasted Turkey or low sodium or classic
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil or neutral tasting oil
  • 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce
  • 4 sheets nori


  1. Rinse and cook rice in a rice cooker with water up to the 3 scoop line.
  2. Heat up a large non-stick frying pan on medium heat (3-5 minutes).

  3. Tap the can of Spam on a cutting board until it slides out (give the sides a squeeze while tapping to release). Place spam flat side down and cut into 8 equally sized pieces that are the shape of the Spam container lid.

  4. Pour 1 teaspoon of oil into the frying pan, swirl to coat, and fry the pieces of Spam for 2-3 minutes on medium heat on each side. If using Spam with pork, I recommend using a paper towel to blot some of the oil before proceeding.

  5. Brush with the Spam pieces with teriyaki sauce (or soy sauce/sugar mixture), flip, repeat until both side are seasoned and the Spam is slightly brown, set aside.

  6. When the rice finishes cooking, place a full sized sheet of nori on a cutting board (shiny side down, rough side up) and place the musubi mold on the nori, across the center.

  7. Add small scoops of rice into the mold and gently spread and pat down so that there’s a ½ inch layer of rice (2-3 small scoops). Press down gently with the press and add two slices of spam, add another ½ inch of rice, press down with the press.

  8. Holding the press in place, very carefully remove the mold and fold the nori over the Spam musubi. Flip the spam musubi logs over and set aside until ready to cut.

  9. Repeat with remaining amounts of rice, nori and Spam.

  10. Cut each musubi log with a moistened serrated knife into four pieces and serve. Cut them smaller into 6 pieces if serving as appetizers.

  11. Have a moistened paper towel handy to clean the knife in between cuts or wash the knife as needed.
Turkey Spam Musubi collage of steps
Pan fry, add some sauce, coat both sides. Add one layer of rice, press, add spam, press down and lift the mold up, wrap the nori, rest, cut. If I can find the original photos, I’ll re-upload bigger clearer photos!

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