21 Nut-Free Recipes from Food Allergy Bloggers

collage chocolate spread, blueberry french toast, chocolate cupcake, wonton mein

Happy Food Allergy Awareness Week! I am celebrating by sharing 21 Nut-Free Recipes from Food Allergy Bloggers. I hope you find some awesome nut-free and allergy friendly recipes to try.

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Please keep in mind that I have no editorial control over other blogs’ content, use your discretion to adapt the recipes to suit your allergies as needed.

Happy Food Allergy Awareness Week!

The second full week of May is Food Allergy Awareness Week to highlight the needs and experiences of 32 million Americans with food allergies. I’ve been a food allegy mom, advocate, and blogger ever since my youngest son was diagnosed in 2006. I am so fortunate to have many food allergy mom and blogger friends and colleagues in the food allergy community! They work hard to make the world a little safer and more inclusive for people with food allergies, which is my inspiration to highlight food allergy bloggers in this roundup of 20 nut-free recipes.

Celebrate Food Allergy Recipe Bloggers

I attended the inaugural Food Allergy Bloggers Conference and was inspired to launch Nut Free Wok 10+ years ago when I realized that people want to make and eat Asian food but needed help to adapt recipes for their food allergies.

For Food Allergy Awareness Week, I want to celebrate the food allergy bloggers that actively share great recipes in a roundup of nut-free and allergy friendly recipes. I would like to see all of us continue to build community and find the resources we need to live life with food allergies well.

Thank you for your continued interest in my blog and my cookbook, Chinese Instant Pot Cookbook. I’m so thankful to be part of your meals and special occasions. It’s an honor and none of us take it lightly and work hard to share our best recipes. I personally know many of the bloggers in this round-up but a few are new to me, which is exciting for all of us to get to know them.

collage chocolate spread, blueberry french toast casserole, chocolate cupcake, wonton noodle soup
Photo credit: Zestfull (top left), MI Gluten Free Gal (top right), Allergy Awesomeness (bottom left), Nut Free Wok (bottom right)

Recipes from Nut Free Food Allergy Recipe Bloggers

If you or someone in your family is mainly allergic to only peanuts and/or tree nuts, then it’s less restrictive to follow someone who has similar allergies.

Nut Free Wok

All of the recipes that I share are peanut- and tree nut-free. Many of Nut Free Wok recipes happen to be dairy-free as well because dairy is not commonly used in Asian cuisine although some of my baked goods use dairy products. My son was allergic to eggs so some of my older baked goods recipes are egg-free but now he needs to keep eggs in his diet. At one point, I have cooked for 30+ allergies so I understand that sometimes we just need to eat what’s safe and include adaptation suggestions when possible.

wonton (pork and shrimp dumplings) served with shrimp, baby bok choy, fresh egg noodles, and broth in a white soup bowl.
Wonton Mein (Wonton Noodle Soup) Recipe
Wonton mein, also known as wonton noodle soup, is pure comfort food. Learn how to make these pork and shrimp dumplings served with noodles, vegetables, and a flavorful broth for a complete meal. See the blog post for allergy adaptations.
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Christina’s Cucina

Christina is a fellow food allergy mom that has blog about authentic Italian, Scottish, and British recipes. Her blog is not entirely nut-free but she has many nut-free options on her blog. Her daughter shared this fun chai cookie recipe inspired by Taylor Swift’s recipe!

Chai cookies on a white serving plate
Christina’s Cucina
Taylor Swift’s Chai Cookies
Taylor Swift’s chai cookies are the perfect balance of fall spices including chai, cinnamon, and vanilla. They are surprisingly delicious and pair well with a cup of tea on a cool autumn day.
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Real Food with Sarah

Sarah’s blog is entirely tree-nut free due to her own tree-nut allergy, with some dairy-free, gluten-free options. I love that she has a background in public health. Pesto is an Italian sauce that it typically made with nuts so this nut-free recipe is particularly helpful.

Bow tie pasta tossed with a nut-free pesto
Real Food With Sarah
Pesto Recipe without Nuts – Real Food with Sarah
This Nut-Free Pesto recipe comes together in just a few minutes and is the perfect sauce for your favorite pasta, sandwiches and more. This recipe also includes some spinach for additional vegetables.
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Recipe This

Samantha is a UK based food blogger who has a nut allergy and she has a nut-free policy on her blog. I am excited to use my airfryer to make this recipe for air-fried chickpeas, which might be a satisfying nut-free alternative to eating nuts.

roasted chickpeas in an airfryer basket
Recipe This
Air Fryer Roasted Chickpeas (No Oil)
Learn how to roast chickpeas in an air fryer for a delicious and healthy snack. Samantha shares three different options on how to season the chickpeas. This recipe could be free of top allergens depending on what seasonings you decide to use.
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Nut-Free Recipes from Multiple Food Allergy Bloggers

Each of these bloggers have experiences with multiple food allergies, either personally or as a parent. All of these recipes are nut-free and the blogs may also be free from additional allergens. These blogs are great resources if you are managing additional allergens besides nuts or if you are making food for someone who has a different food allergy from your own.

Allergy Awesomeness

Megan is a mom to four kids, two with multiple food allergies and one with EOE. She’s also the author of An Allergy Mom’s Lifesaving Instant Pot Cookbook: 60 Fast and Flavorful Recipes Free of the Top 8 Allergens. These nut-free cupcakes are also free of other top allergens, which make them inclusive to share at a party.

allergy friendly chocolate birthday cupcake with a pink birthday candle on it
Allergy Awesomeness
The BEST Allergy-friendly Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes
Moist dense chocolate cake topped with a rich silky chocolate buttercream makes the best allergy-friendly chocolate birthday cupcake (vegan, GF, top-8-free). Megan says, "They are top 8 free and what we use for just about every birthday! Everyone at parties raves about them and can’t believe they don’t have the typical wheat, dairy or egg!"
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Allergy Spot

Lisa is a food blogger from Australia with experience managing at least 7 of the top food allergies in addition to other atopic conditions. Pesto is often not only made with nuts, it’s also made with cheese too. This dairy-free and nut-free pesto recipe is a great alternative to traditional pesto recipes.

dairy free and nut free basil pesto in a white porcelain spoon
Allergy Spot
Dairy & Nut Free Pesto You Won’t Know is Allergy-Friendly » Allergy Spot
Dairy & nut free pesto made just like original traditional basil pesto, only allergy-friendly and vegan! An easy recipe to make at home using pumpkin seeds and vegan parmesan-like cheese.
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Everyday Allergen Free

Amanda grew up with multiple food allergies and she has been sharing about her experiences and perspective about life with food allergies. Notably she blogged about her pregnancy in a series of posts.

Everyday Allergen Free
Dairy Free Garlic and Shallot Cream Sauce Pasta — Everyday Allergen-Free
A luxurious cream sauce made without dairy or nuts. You can make this recipe wheat-free, egg-free, or top allergen free depending on the type of pasta you use.
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The Pretty Bee

Kelly Roenicke is the author of the website, The Pretty Bee, where she shares delicious recipes that are free of the top allergens. She is passionate about cooking, baking, and sharing amazing allergy friendly food.

a stack of Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies.
The Pretty Bee
Delectable Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Who doesn’t love a perfectly chewy and crispy chocolate chip cookie? These gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookies are so simple to make, and the result is fantastic! This cookie dough freezes well, so you can always have fresh baked cookies.
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The Scatty Mum

Lauren is a UK based food allergy blogger. Her daughter outgrew multiple food allergies over the last few years but Lauren chooses to continue to share her family’s allergy friendly recipes and resources, many with nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and/or gluten-free recipe options. Most of us with a peanut allergy cannot dine at 5 Guys due to concerns about peanut cross-contact. However, this copycat nut-free recipe of their fries might be a great way to enjoy the fries without the allergy risks.

Copycat Five Guys Cajun Fries served in a small metal bucket
The Scatty Mum
Copycat Five Guys Cajun Fries (Oven or Air Fryer)
These Five Guys Copycat Cajun Fries can be cooked in the oven or air fryer and taste like the real thing! They are generously seasoned with my cajun spice mix & the best news is they are peanut oil free! This recipe is free of the top 9 allergens.
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Strength and Sunshine

Rebecca is a gluten free and allergen friendly blogger due to her celiac’s disease and soy allergy. She also has a background in public health. This simple, gluten-free, nut-free recipes will make a great side dish for your meals.

Scallion Oil Noodles in a white bowl
Strength and Sunshine
Gluten-Free Scallion Oil Noodles – Strength and Sunshine
These quick & easy Gluten-Free Scallion Oil Noodles are just 5 ingredients! Authentic Chinese noodle recipe that’s vegan and allergy-free.
Check out this recipe

The Urben Life 

Jenna’s shares simple and seasonal egg-free and dairy-free recipes due to her own egg allergy and lactose intolerance. Some of her recipes may use nuts, which you can easily adapt as needed. I happen to love overnight oats because they’re a huge timesaver on busy mornings.

Dairy-Free Overnight Oats served in glass jars
The Urben Life
Dairy-Free Overnight Oats
Upgrade your breakfast game with these easy dairy-free overnight oats! Simple make ahead meal for busy mornings. With gluten-free option. This recipe is free of top 9 allergens.
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Vegetarian Mama

My friend Cindy has an allergy-friendly vegetarian recipe site with lots of air fryer recipes as well. Her children have outgrown most of their food allergies to all peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, gluten, and soy.

Vegan Frosted Sugar Cookies with pink frosting on a cooling rack or marble surface
Vegetarian Mama
Vegan Frosted Sugar Cookies
Vegan Frosted Sugar Cookies are super fluffy and perfectly sweet! Ready in 30 minutes and topped with homemade vegan frosting and sprinkles. This recipe is top 9 allergen free as written and you can swap the frosting color as needed for seasonal recipes or someone’s favorite color.
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My friends Shahla and Kortney each had their own blogs and are the co-founders of Zestfull. Shahla is a mom of children with multiple food allergies and eczema. Kortney has multiple food allergies, asthma, and a history of eczema. They collaborate from their respective cities, Berkeley, CA and Berlin, Germany! Their recipe for nut-free chocolate spread is the ultimate nut-free recipe for chocolate lovers.

Nut-free Chocolate Spread • Zestfull
Nut-free Chocolate Spread • Zestfull
Nut-free chocolate spread is made with sunflower seed butter for a tasty nutella nut-free alternative! This recipe is top 9 allergen free.
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Nut Free Wok

This Japanese-style potato salad is made without mayonaise, which is great for people who are allergic to eggs. This recipe is also free of top 9 allergens so it’s a very inclusive dish to share with friends and family at spring and summer picnics, BBQ, and potluck gatherings and easy to double or triple as needed.

potato salad in a glass container
Japanese-Style Potato Salad
This Japanese-style potato salad recipe is easy to make and healthy. It's top 9 allergen free, perfect for sharing at picnics and potlucks.
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Allergies with Littles

Stephanie Joyce of Allergies with Littles, is a registered dietitian and mom of two, who has been in the child nutrition field for 15 years. She focuses on helping families of young kids with food allergies learn to live and eat well. She shares a curated roundup post of 25 gluten-free, dairy-free cupcakes.

Recipes from Related Food Allergy Bloggers

Sage Alpha Gal

Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS) is a little-known, fast-growing, and often misunderstood food allergy to mammalian meats and by-products that is caused by a bite from the lone star tick. Providing tips, tools, and alpha-gal friendly recipes, SageAlphaGal.com is dedicated to helping alpha gals live — and thrive — with AGS.

Easy Baked Eggs Florentine for Two in an white oval baking dish
Sage Alpha Gal
Easy Baked Eggs Florentine for Two
Packed with iron-rich spinach and protein-filled eggs, easy baked eggs florentine is a great brunch dish.
Check out this recipe

Low Histamine Eats

On Max’s blog, Low Histamine Eats, you will find a nut-free section. She’s currently in grad school studying nutrition. She has personal experiences with less common medical conditions (such as MCAS) that I have heard about in the food allergy community. I think there’s a lot of helpful information but always consult with your doctor for medical advice.

candied pumpkin seeds served in a white bowl
Low Histamine Eats
Easy Candied Pumpkin Seed Clusters (Candied Pepitas)
Easy candied pepitas are a fantastic addition to any salad, trail mix, or just eaten by the handful, making candied pumkpin seeds more accessible than ever!
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Photo credit: Vegetarian Mama (top left), Fearless Dining (top right), Allergy Spot (bottom left), Nut Free Wok (bottom right)

Recipes from Gluten-Free/Celiac Bloggers

I couldn’t have a round up featuring food allergy bloggers without sharing about some of my favorite gluten-free and Celiac blogs. I asked each of them to share a nut-free recipe, but note that some of their other recipes on their websites might use nuts. Most of the time you can omit the nuts if it’s just topping ingredient or an ingredient that you mix in (for example, chopped nuts).

Fearless Dining

My good friend Sandi is an amazing gluten-free blogger. Some of her recipes have nut-free, egg-free, and dairy-free options. I love panettone, doesn’t her gluten-free and nut-free panetoone recipe look incredible?

Gluten Free Panettone Bread on a cooling rack
Fearless Dining
Gluten Free Panettone Bread
This light and fluffy homemade gluten free panettone is perfect for the holidays. It is easy to make and perfect for the Christmas holidays.
Check out this recipe

Gluten Free DIYers

Nathanelle is a gluten free blogger with a background as a chemistry teacher, which I find very relatable as someone with a science and research background. If you want to understand the food chemistry of gluten free baking you need to check out her vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free recipe for lemon cake!!

gluten free lemon cake decorated with frosting and candied lemon slices
Gluten Free DIYers
The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Lemon Cake
This gluten-free vegan lemon cake recipe is perfectly moist and airy. No more dense crumbly bakes! It’s also delightfully sweet and sour! It's mostly top allergen free depending on the ingredients of the vegan butter you use.
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The Helpful GF

Sharon writes about her family’s gluten free journey at The Helpful GF due to a close family member who has celiac disease. She is also a registered dietician nutritionist, which I love.

Green Goddess Hummus served in a wooden bowl
The Helpful GF
Green Goddess Hummus Recipe (gluten free, nut free, vegan)
This gluten free green goddess hummus recipe made with white beans is so delicious you won’t be buying fancy store bought hummus anymore!
Check out this recipe

The Heritage Cook

My friend Jane is an accomplished food writing professional and a blogger at The Heritage Cook. She is gluten-free due to an intolerance and an author of two cookbooks. The Gluten Free Instant Pot Cookbook, which I reviewed previously when I shared a recipe for Japanese Beef Curry Recipe. She’s also the author of the Gluten Free Bread Machine Cookbook.

Chile Tortilla Soup in a white bowl with lime wedges on the side
The Heritage Cook
Chile Chicken Tortilla Soup (Gluten-Free) • The Heritage Cook ®
This bold and spicy Chile Chicken Tortilla Soup makes a healthy and delicious meal any time of the year! Serve and enjoy!
Check out this recipe

MI Gluten Free Gal

Margaret is a Michigan-based gluten free blogger. I have known her for years and can rely on her for being an evidence based resource and a sincere friend and advocate. I love that this gluten-free blueberry French toast casserole recipe is prepped the night before and baked in the morning.

a piece of blueberry french toast casserole served on a white plate
MI Gluten Free Gal
Gluten Free Blueberry French Toast Casserole
This Gluten Free Blueberry French Toast Casserole is my favorite brunch dish. Stuffed with cream cheese and topped with blueberry sauce, it’s loved by everyone.
Check out this recipe

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