100+ Nut-Free Bakeries & Restaurants in the US & Canada


Allergy aware and nut-free bakeries and dining establishments give families living with nut allergies peace of mind that is just priceless. I’m proud to say that there are over 100 options on this list, including bakeries and restaurants in 30 US states, DC, Canada, as well as online or supermarket options. Many thanks to all of my readers who have made some really great recommendations.

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated by any of the following nut-free bakeries or restaurants. I have noted any personal connections below, all opinions are my own. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This post was orginally published on 1/26/2015 and republished with updates on 1/2/2023.

How to Use This List of Nut-Free Bakeries

Obviously, I haven’t been to many of the following nut-free bakeries and cannot vouch for their allergen safety procedures, ingredients, taste, or value. Keep in mind that nut-free bakeries can change owners, ingredients, or recipes at any time.

And because I do not know the nature of the allergies you are avoiding, please visit their website, call and ask questions to verify safety before serving or consuming. I’ve created this list as a general resource for Nut Free Wok readers to use to begin their own research.

Keep scrolling below to see my list of nut-free bakeries in the United States and Canada as well as some mail order and retail store options. I added some new bakeries to the list, noted by *new* but that doesn’t mean they are a new business, just that they’re new to this list.

If you find a bakery that’s not on the list, I have some suggestions on how to decide for yourself on whether it’s safe or not for your family. And if you love them, please share below in the comments.

Nut-Free Bakeries in the United States


  • Mesa – Intentional Foods – top 8 allergen free (including sesame-free) restaurant, bakery, and caterer!



  • Capitola – Melinda’s Gluten Free gluten and peanut-free (not tree nut-free) with dairy-free and vegan options. They will accommodate people with tree nut allergies but they do bake with tree nuts. 
  • Long Beach – Noble Bird Rotisserie, specializes in rotisserie chicken. Their menu is dairy-free, peanut-free and tree nut-free (excluding coconut). “We do source products that share facilities with ALL of the TOP 10 allergens.” They recommend checking with their chef at every visit. *new*
  • Oakland & Emeryville locations- Monster Pho peanut and tree nut-free Vietnamese restaurant, read my review about our dining experience. Note that the Oakland location has moved to a nearby location, 360 40th St OAKLAND CA 94609. The Emeryille location is still open but only as a second kitchen.
  • San DiegoFlour Atelier is recommended by a reader, Sharon. This floral themed bakery makes
    Filipino and Japanese inspired pastries, including macarons with sunflower seeds due to one of the owners’ child with a peanut and/or tree nut allergy. *new*
  • San Diego – Starry Lane Bakery new location in San Diego (they moved from Santee). Free from top 10 allergens including gluten, peanut, tree nut, egg, dairy, soy.
  • San Francisco – Dandelion Chocolate Factory – ONLY the single origin chocolate bars are nut-free (not the confections made with chocolate, not the pastries, not the baking ingredients, just the chocolate bars). They aren’t intentionally an allergy friendly company, I highly recommend double checking with every order/purchase.
  • San Francisco (2 locations) & multiple north bay locationsJohnny’s Donuts – nut-free donuts except for almond milk for espresso drinks (people who are highly sensitive to almonds might want to stay further away from the espresso machines).
  • San Mateo – Sibby’s Cupcakery Nut-free (uses coconut). This is where I buy nut-free cupcakes for my family. Egg-free and gluten-free options are also available. I needed dairy-free cupcakes in a hurry and purchased carrot cakes and chocolate cakes without frosting, Sibby’s saved the day!
  • San Francisco Bay Area & Southern California locationsUncle Tetsu makes Japanese cheesecakes, which is a fluffy, cake-like cheesecake. They don’t use any peanut or tree nut ingredients but they don’t brand themselves as a nut-free company. They do have a black sesame flavored cheesecake (seasonal flavor).


  • Centennial – The Makery Cake Company peanut and tree nut-free, owner has nut allergies. They also have an allergen chart on their website.
  • Colorado Springs – Mochi Thai’m Donuts, nut-free and gluten-free donuts made from sweet rice (glutinous rice) flour. I linked to their FB page.
  • Colorado Springs Sweet Elizabeth Organics, free of top 8 allergens except for coconut. Bakery items and baking mixes are available.
  • Morrison – Allergy Free Baking Company – dedicated gluten-free and nut-free (except coconut) bakery with options made without dairy, egg, wheat, and/or corn.


  • FairfieldBonkers Cupcakes – nut-free cupcakes, with gluten-free and vegan options. 
  • Glastonbury – Dee’s One Smart Cookie gluten, tree nut, peanut, and soy-free, and non-GMO with dairy-free and egg-free options.
  • Norwalk – Izzi B’s Allergen Free Bakery (website no longer works, might be closed?) – wholesale bakery, invividual orders available by appointment only; free of gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, all nuts, and casein. Check website for retail locations in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey.
  • Ridgefield & Westport locationsThe Cake Box  – nut-free (except coconut), merged with Swoon, a gluten-free bakery and their website no longer belongs to The Cake Box (don’t search for it, trust me). Swoon’s gluten-free products will be made in a separate area on dedicated equipment.
  • Westbrook Still Delicious – According to their website, dedicated Gluten, Soy and Nut Free bakery. Products befitting Paleo, Vegan, Keto and Fodmap specific.
  • Wilton – The Painted Cookie Peanut, tree nut, & sesame-free. Available online as well. Note new location in 2023 (101 Old Ridgefield Rd in Wilton Town Center).


  • Miami – Bunnie Cakes – vegan bakery, uses coconut only, some of their ingredients are not from dedicated nut-free facilities. Talk with them. Their home page now indicates that they are free of dairy, gluten, soy, tree nut, peanut, and kosher/parve.
  • St. Pete (4 locations in FL) – HaleLife Bakery – GF and vegan bakery, free from dairy, egg, soy, peanut, and tree nut (except for coconut).


  • Atlanta – Cake in the Box Bakery is Atlanta’s 1st Nut-Free Bakery, 100% nut-free with some gluten-free and vegan (dairy and egg-free) options.


  • Lahaina, Maui – We were able to safely dine out in Maui, the restaurants we picked were nut-free or very accommodating. See my reviews from our trip to Maui.


  • BellevilleBeast Craft BBQ – They do not use any peanuts, tree nuts (including coconut), shellfish on their St. Louis style BBQ menu. Check out their “Custom Menu Planner” and be sure to talk with a manager.
  • Chicago (3 locations in the area) – Frio Gelato – Argentine style gelato, very allergy friendly.


  • Indianapolis – SoChatti – gluten free, nut free, dairy free, soy free, and vegan chocolate. The retail location also offers classes and a tasting room.
  • Warsaw – Creighton’s Crazy Egg – peanut and tree nut-free (except for coconut) with gluten-free option café & banquet venue. The coffee syrups (hazelnut, peanut butter & almond) are nut safe using a synthetic flavor. Coconut is the only coffee flavor they use.


  • Covington (pm hours) and Lexington (am hours) – Moonrise Doughnuts – peanut and tree nut free donuts (looks like some donuts are topped with coconut). *new*
  • Louisville – Silly Axe Cafe – dedicated gluten-free (celiac), nut-free, and lactose-free restaurant, may possibly accommodate other allergies (depending on your severity/preferences).


  • Portland (multiple locations) – Holy Donut – Nut-free (except for coconut) donut shop, with gluten-free options but not certified. My friend, Jenny, took me and my family to this donut shop, so yum! *new*


  • Annapolis – Carrol’s Creek Cafe – nut-free restaurants, do not allow outside foods to be brought in by guests, including cakes. *new*
  • Rockville – Sunflower Bakery – peanut-free only, they do use tree nuts but are careful to limit cross-contact. Be sure to discuss with them if you have any concerns.


  • Boston – Jennifer Lee’s Bakery vegan bakery and restaurant and free of gluten, eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, and sesame (check ingredients). Multiple locations & available at local farmer’s markets.
  • Burlington & Mills – Twist Bakery Cafe – free from all gluten, peanuts, tree nuts and soy (except for coconut and soy lecithin), most items are also free from dairy.
  • Jamaica PlainMonumental Market – new permanent home of Lavender Bee Baking Company (nut-free cupcakes) and El Columbiano Coffee. 
  • Newton – Blacker’s Bakeshop Nut-free, dairy-free, kosher and parve. They updated their websiteto reflect their allergen info. 
  • Peabody & Salem – Ziggy and Son’s Donuts – peanut and tree nut-free according to their Facebook page. They seem to have some health issues, check or call before going to their store.
  • Somerville & Boston locations – Tipping Cow Ice Cream – peanut, tree nut (some flavors contain coconut), and sesame-free ice cream.  There are some dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free options (be careful, cross-contact is still possible). Update: check their social media for updates about their current status.
  • Wilmington (Greater Boston area) – Jeni Cakes Nut Free – peanut and tree nut-free home based bakery (licensed and ServSafe certified)


  • Detroit area – The Bake Station  (locations at Southfield and Farmington Hills) Peanut, tree nut, dairy-free and kosher. Egg-free and gluten-free options are available.
  • Harrisville – Alcona Brew Haus Peanut, tree nut, and shellfish-free (possibly sesame too). Upscale dining, restaurant staff is trained, and owner has food allergies in their family.
  • Royal Oak – Motown Freedom Bakery free of the top 8 most-common allergens: wheat, dairy, egg, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. MFB treats are also free of corn, sesame, xanthan and guar gums.
  • St. John – Oh Mi Organic – chocolate shop that is free of peanuts, tree nuts (except coconut oil), and top allergens. Shipping available.


  • Minnetonka – YoYo Donuts & Coffee Bar peanut and tree nut-free, they do use coconut. One reader mentioned egg-free ice cream.


  • Kansas City – Safe Bakes – top 8 allergen and gluten-free, they provide treats for schools and business, retail orders available online, products are made in a commercial kitchen.
  • St Charles – Donut King – nut-free facility indicated clearly on their website. *new*


  • Las Vegas – South Point Hotel is not nut-free but my friend, award winning Chef Keith Norman, has developed an food allergen management program at South Point that is innovative with delicious results.

New Hampshire

  • Merrimack – Bite Me Kupcakez – dedicated gluten-free and nut-free bakery and cafe, with dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan options available. Outdoor seating is also availalble.

New Jersey

  • Beach Haven (Jersey Shores) – The WooHoo – Their kitchen is peanut and tree nut-free. Their ice cream station does have peanuts and tree nuts in sealed containers and they have a designated area and procedures for handling nut-free and ice cream orders. Be sure to let them know if you have food allergies, they will give you a form to fill out your order.
  • Denville – Mo’Pweeze Bakery Top 8 allergen and sesame-free. Also available my mail order and farmers market in surrounding areas in northern NJ.
  • Hoboken – Joey No-Nuts coffee shop with nut-free pastries, owner’s daughter has a peanut allergy.
  • Northvale – D’Ercole Donuts – peanut and tree nut-free, they carry A La Mode ice cream and make milkshakes with them!
  • ShrewsburyLiv Nut Free peanut, tree nut-free cupcakes and cookies, available online also.

New Mexico

  • Albuquerque – Fano Bread Company nut-free, see Ivy’s comment below.

New York

  • Lynbrook – The Sweet Peace Peanut, tree nut, and seed-free facility with options to accommodate other allergens.
  • New York City & retail locations – A La Mode Shoppe – Free from peanut, tree nut (coconut free too!), egg, and sesame ice cream.
  • New York City (East Village & Harlem) – Baked Cravings nut-free, the bakery is run by two dads who understand food allergies. Shipping, catering, and corporate gifts available. 
  • New York City – Donut Pub – “Nut Aware” they don’t use nuts in their ingredients and check their supplies as best as possible. They now ship their donuts. Two locations
  • Oceanside – The Pretzel Stop – nut-free, pretzels do not contain milk or egg.
  • Staten Island – Cutest Cookies – nut-free decorated cookies, mail order and local pick up
  • Watervliet – Schuyler Bakery – peanut and tree nut-free, dairy-free, Kosher Pareve bakery

North Carolina

  • Raleigh – Daylight Donuts appears to be a chain but this specific francise on Credmore Rd. is peanut and tree nut-free (except coconut – call ahead to order if you have a coconut allergy). The company’s main page has a peanut covered donut on it but the Raleigh store is peanut and tree nut-free.
  • Raleigh – Videri Chocolate Factory – their chocolate is nut-free and free “from all known tree nuts, and many common legumes, as well as soy, gluten, corn, and egg products.” Read my review about their products! They also have a cafe area with music and events, check to see if the food served in that venue is allergy safe before consuming.

North Dakota

  • Fargo – Mehl’s Gluten Free – gluten-free, nut-free bakery with dairy-free, vegan, soy-free, and sugar-free options. They sell their baking mixes. Be sure to check whether their gluten-free flour has cross contact or allergen advisories for nuts. 


  • Cincinnati – Blossim Donuts – nut-free donut food truck, operates only seasonally (April until ?)


  • Conshohocken (must pre-order) – Pretty Tasty Cupcakes – peanut and tree nut-free cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops
  • Ohiopyle – Ohiopyle Bakery & Sandwich Shoppe – peanut and tree nut-free. This family also has 3 other resturants that are also peanut and tree nut-free and can accommodate other food allergies with advance notice. They no longer have a website but still seem to be in business otherwise.
  • Perkasie – C&C Cafe – peanut and nut-free breakfast restaurant according to a statement on their menu. They do have some brownies and cookies on their menu, double-check if their desserts are nut-free or not before ordering or eating.
  • Perkasie – Hassis Gluten Free – Gluten-free and nut-free. Their website doesn’t have a lot of information but I found that they are indeed nut-free on their Facebook page. Please reach out to them if you have any questions.

Rhode Island 

  • Cranston – A&J Bakery Nut-free, gluten-free, sesame-free
  • Johnston – 3 Wishes Bakery – dedicated nut-free, gluten-free bakery with dairy and soy-free options.

South Carolina


  • Columbia – The Dotted Lime – Gluten-free, peanut and tree nut-free bakery and restaurant (restaurant uses coconut wraps). They are willing to accommodate other allergies too. 
  • Powell – Free Reign Bakery – Free from gluten, dairy, soy, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish & corn.


  • Houston – Awesome Bites – dairy, egg, soy, and nut-free (except coconut) bakery and ice cream shop by an allergy mom. Shipping options available.


  • Grand Isle – Vermont Nut Free Chocolates – I love their nut-free chocolates and have ordered them by mail but recently found out from VNFC that they have a retail location at 10 Island Circle!


  • Delivery to DC area  – The Lemonade Bakery Peanut, tree nut, egg, and sesame-free; dairy and soy-free options available upon request. Gluten-free option available but the facility is not wheat free.
  • King George area – Cool Cats Cupcakes peanut, tree nut, egg, dairy-free. Licensed home based kitchen, pick up at local butchers shop. See Kari’s comment below. Two local pick up locations.
  • Salem – Corbin’s Confections – gluten-free, peanut and tree nut-free. Website doesn’t work, link goes to their Facebook page.
  • Springfield – Out of the Bubble – dairy-free and nut-free bakery with gluten-free and vegan options, home based business that is inspected and has food safety certifications.


  • Seattle (Waterfront area) – Cafe Opla – delicious Asian fusion breakfast and lunch place next door to the Marriott, down the street from the Seattle Aquarium. There are no nuts on the menu (except for the coffee) but since my children weren’t with me, I did not ask specifically about food allergies. *new*
  • Seattle (Belltown area) – Askatu Bakery – nut free (except for coconut), vegan, and gluten free bakery owned by a food allergy mom. Notable that they sell mooncakes (seasonal, midsummer). Yelp reviews are mixed, some say that it’s delicious, some think the baked goods are dry, and some claim they were glutened. Ask questions before ordering or eating.
  • Seattle (Capitol Hill, West Seattle, and mobile truck location in Ballard) Dough Joy makes peanut, tree nut, egg, and dairy free donuts. Caveat: They state that they take allergies very seriously but also disclose that they are not a certified allergen free facility. *new*
  • Seattle (retail locations, expanded to west coast and beyond, 9 states!) – Little Rae’s Bakery peanut and tree nut-free. My friend Lori brought some Brownie Cookies for my kids, they loved it, thanks!!

Washington, DC

  • Georgetown – Dog Tag Bakery – nut-free bakery. Note that products distributed in national coffee shops are produced in a shared facility with nuts and is not allergy safe at this time.
  • Washington, DC – Baked By Yael – nut-free, offers cake pops and bagels and more. Has gluten-free and vegan options (dairy and egg-free) available.

Nut-Free Bakeries, Available in Stores or Online

  • Better Bites Bakery gluten-free, nut-free (some items contain coconut), top 8 allergen free items available in retail locations and online orders, including Amazon (affiliate link).
  • Corsos Cookies – Allergen statement says now says tree nut and peanut-free.
  • Fancy Pants Bakery – online & in grocery stores, nut-free, GMO-free. I shared a review of their cookies. I recently checked their Amazon pages and their cookies are not available to order online, I hope that’s just a temporary situation and we can find them at our local stores.
  • Eleni’s peanut and tree nut-free, in a dedicated facility. NYC delivery available. Retail locations and online sales available.
  • Just Desserts – a San Francisco based company, their cupcakes are available at local supermarkets, Target, and all over the United States. Nut-free with vegan options, very delicious
  • Madeline’s Pantry – online bakery, peanut and tree nut-free facilities, additional Muffintown products maybe available at retail locations in MA and surrounding states.
  • Raised Gluten Free(formerly Natural Decadence) gluten, eggs, dairy, & nut -ree (some products contain soy), available at retail locations and by mail. Check that their gluten-free flour works for you.
  • Smiley Cookies – nut-free decorated cookies, made in a dedicated nut-free facility, and individually wrapped.

Nut-Free Bakeries in Canada

  • Barrie, ON – Cakes by Design 100% peanut and tree nut-free facility; can also make some products without the use of eggs, milk or gluten (shared facility)
  • Calgary, AB – Bliss Cupcakes peanut and tree nut-free (except some recipes use coconut); smaller shop located inside a mall, they also have a second location that is larger.
  • Calgary, AB – Cake Bake Shop Peanut and tree nut-free, with “gluten-wise” options.
  • Edmonton, AB – Bliss Baked Goods, Nut-free, dairy (kosher), and gluten-free options
  • Halifax, NS – East Coast Bakery Peanut, tree nut, dairy-free, and kosher parve bagels and various challah bread products. The owner has family members and some employees with food allergies and understands the need to be careful regarding cross contact.
  • Ottawa, ON – Strawberry Blonde Bakery Free of peanut and tree nut (with the exception of coconut), dairy, egg, and gluten, with some soy-free options. I love that they try to use organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • Regina, SK – Asha Rose Bakery Peanut and tree nut-free bakery, food allergy family
  • Toronto, ON – Hype Food Co. – Bakery and fast casual restaurant is free from gluten and top allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, eggs, soy, sesame and seafood.
  • Toronto, ON, – It’s the Icing on the Cake peanut and tree nut-free bakery, they check for allergen advisories according to their website. The owner’s nephew has food allergies. Gluten-free treats available upon request but there’s a risk of cross contact with wheat.
  • Toronto, ON, Thornhill, and Pearson Airport – Grodzinski Bakery – Kosher, nut-free bakery 
  • Toronto, ON area – Sweets from the Earth they have two lines, either a Nut-Free line or a Gluten-Free line. Everything is free of sesame, dairy, and egg. Their products are available at retail locations in the Toronto area but you can special order custom products in advance to pick up at their office.
  • Vancouver (and other parts of Canada and New York) – Cobs Bread, Mo recommends “Cobs (several locations, including Main St and 41st Ave) in Vancouver, BC.” When I check Cobs’ FAQ they don’t seem to use peanuts in their products. They do use tree nuts but some of their stores opted not to use tree nuts in their ingredients. You will need to ask at every location. *new*
  • Westmount, QC – Patisserie Petit Lapin free from peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, egg, seafood, soy, sulfites, mustard, wheat, gluten.
  • Winnipeg, MB – Sweet Impressions, 100% peanut and tree nut-free (except coconut) with some egg and dairy-free options.
  • Multiple locations – Pacini – a reader recommended this Italian chain due to positive dining experiences. Quebec locations have allergen free dishes in sealed microwaveable containers. And every restaurant is stocked with epinephrine autoinjectors. 
  • Multiple locations & retail – Mrs. Dunsters in Sussex, NB is peanut and tree nut-free, their retail products can also be found in New Foundland, Nova Scotia, and Maine (US). Look for products with their logo. *new*

Nut Free Chain Restaurants

  • Chipotle nut-free, “We do not use eggs, mustard, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, shellfish, or fish as ingredients in our food.”
  • Islands – no peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish on their allergen information page. Our server was very knowledgeable and helpful when taking our order. Restaurants in California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Nevada.
  • Mod Pizza nut free pizza, including their pesto sauce. The wrapped desserts are most like purchased from a bakery, not nut-free. Double check at your local locations.

How to Decide If a Bakery Is Nut-Free?

We need to know about nut-free bakeries in our communities regardless of whether you need an allergy safe treat to send for a school party, desserts for a special occasion, meeting a friend for coffee or lunch, or just passing through while on vacation. I love that there are owners of nut-free bakeries who are committed to nut allergy safety procedures to provide an invaluable service to people who live with life threatening nut allergies and their friends and family.

I think for most people “nut-free” means that there is no intentional addition of nuts in the ingredients. But for a person with life threatening allergies, “nut-free” has to mean free of nuts as well as traces from potential cross contact from a wandering spatula, shared equipment, ingredients with allergen advisories, etc.. It’s important to learn how to evaluate any bakery or dining establishment and then to vet them to establish safety.

Are They REALLY Nut-Free Bakeries or Restaurants? 

Most bakeries have some risk of cross contact with allergens. However there are some allergy friendly or nut-free bakeries available and I look at their website for more information.

  • Look at their menu options and see if any of their products contain obvious allergens that I need to avoid.
  • Do they use any red flag items such as candy toppings which are known to be labeled with allergen advisories, such as “may contain peanuts”?
  • Then I look at their home page, about page, FAQ, and/or nutrition page to look for an allergen or ingredient statement that describe what allergens they are free from.
  • Do they share their reasons for having a nut-free or other allergen-free bakery? Do they or their loved ones live with life threatening food allergies?

I have come across some bakeries that are peanut-free but not tree nut-free, some are tree nut-free but not peanut-free, some are gluten and nut-free, some are gluten-free but use almond flour as a gluten-free flour substitution. There are all kinds of permutations of how they might be allergen-free so we have to be alert to the possibilities and don’t assume anything! If the bakery still looks promising then I will ask questions.

Double Check Nut-Free Bakeries With a Conversation:

When talking with nut-free bakeries or restaurants, it goes without saying to always be polite and to respect their time. Call or visit during non-peak times to speak with a manager. We need to pay it forward and make it easy for the next person to have their questions answered.

Since we are a nut-free family, here are some questions I might have when looking at a website or talking with a bakery owner. You can substitute or add other allergens you are avoiding, and depending on the answers and your personal comfort level, you either keep asking or thank them for their time and say goodbye. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, your questions are a reflection of consumer needs and can shape the restaurant and food industries.

  • Do any of your pastries/dishes contain peanuts or tree nuts (such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, etc..)?
  • Do you use ingredients that are derivatives of peanuts or tree nuts such as peanut butter, almond extract, chocolate hazelnut spreads, etc.?
  • Do you use ingredients with allergen advisories or call your suppliers or distributors to check for allergen advisories for any chance of cross-contact from being made on shared equipment or shared facilities?
  • Be aware that some gluten-free products have allergen advisories for nuts and other allergens. Be sure to ask gluten-free bakeries and restaurant which brand of flour they use and then check on the manufacturer’s website to be certain that they’re also safe for your nut allergies.
  • What procedures do you have in place to limit cross contact of allergens? This is an example of an open ended question and some examples of great responses that I have heard include
    • we bake the most allergy sensitive items first thing in the morning
    • we bought all new equipment without seams (so that allergens aren’t lodged in the cracks)
    • we have visited the manufacturer (of a company that makes gluten-free flour and nut flours) and are assured that their gluten-free flours are free from cross contact with the nut flours.

Triple Check by Cross Referencing

  • City or county health inspection reports are important. If a dining establishment can’t keep up with the basics of health and safety, they won’t be able to meet the needs of a food allergic customer.
  • Have you heard of Allergy Eats or Spokin? Both are great resources with crowd-sourced information by people with varying allergies and preferences. Consider them short-lists of options that you must check for yourself. When I travel, I use Allergy Eats to quickly zero in on allergy friendly restaurants. I’ve also downloaded the Spokin app to search for recommendations and their blog often has great lists organized by cities.
  • Check Yelp for other health and safety measures and decide whether you are comfortable with dining in, outdoor dining, or takeout.
  • Check Yelp, Open Table, or other online restaurant review sites and see what others have to say, hit “control + F” and search results for “allergy” and see if any allergic diners had comments.

Why Care About Nut-Free Bakeries and Restaurants?

Nut Free Wok reader Lucy shared an adorable photo of her son intently looking at allergy friendly pastries, “…he’s in front of the glass case looking in. He looks at me and says “Mama, I can have anything??- in disbelief- Are you sure??”   🙂 Their story was truly really sweet and resonated with many readers, a few confessed to being teary-eyed (me too!). 

Nut-free bakeries make kids and grown-ups happy and they touch our lives. These bakeries and restaurants are a part of our birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduations, and every other celebration.

Nut-free bakeries deserve our support. I asked Nut Free Wok’s readers on Facebook and Twitter for their suggestions, please go visit the thread and this thread from May, 2015 to read each others comments and discussion (THANK YOU!!). But there were so many great places all mixed in together, I decided to create a page here organized by country and/or state.

Is Coconut a Tree Nut?

I refer to information listed on ACAAI’s website and for the purposes of this list, bakeries that use coconut aren’t excluded but if I know that coconut is used in the bakery, I will note it. If you are avoiding coconut (or any other allergens), please clarify with the nut-free bakeries before ordering or eating.

Coconut is not a botanical nut; it is classified as a fruit, even though the Food and Drug Administration recognizes coconut as a tree nut. While allergic reactions to coconut have been documented, most people who are allergic to tree nuts can safely eat coconut. If you are allergic to tree nuts, talk to your allergist before adding coconut to your diet.

Latest update: May 16, 2024

I update this post about once a year. This year I added more recommendations and reorganized the post so that it’s easier to find a location near you and moved my tips on checking a bakery to the bottom.

If you find any new bakeries that you think others will like, please leave a comment below. That’s the best way for people to find your recommendations in between updates! I prefer to add reader recommended bakeries and not owner submitted recommendations.

Many bakeries have changed their hours and some have closed, so be sure to check their website or call for hours. Also many bakeries have added mail order options , so be sure to look at options from nearby cities and states.

I also added *new* to any listings that are new to this page, does not mean that they are a new business. Thanks!

What is your experience with the nut free bakeries or restaurants listed? Do you have a nut free bakery or restaurant in your community? Tell us about it in the comments below. What other questions do you ask? Share this post to help others.

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      • We own Pretty Tasty Cupcake Boutique in Cape May, New Jersey – we are 100% peanut/tree nut free..nothing we use was ever even processed in a plant that processes any type of nuts. Mom to Mom promise, as my son has a SEVERE allergy to both. Can’t even be in the same room! So that’s how we started! Stop in and say hi if you’re in town! ?

        • Awesome bakery origin story, I totally get the same level of passion. My son would react to being in a room where people ate nuts in it the day before, it’s such a stressful life. Thank you. We were in NYC last week and it’s a lot of ground to cover, I wish we had time to stop by!

        • Pretty Tasty Cupcakes is a SPECTACULAR find! My 15-year-old with pn/tn allergies, was beyond thrilled to be able to experience seriously delicious cupcakes from a shop for the first time ever. We are so grateful, Erica! Thank you!

  1. What a great list! Nice to have when traveling. Will definitely call and check these places out! Thanks so much for compiling it!

    • You’re welcome, Lucy! I am always looking for safe places to dine when we travel. There are many restaurants which are nut free, but I feel a lot more comfortable dining at a place that is dedicated to being nut free and allergen friendly.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll leave it up in case anyone who just needs a wheat and dairy free bakery, but I just want to point out to readers looking for a nut free bakery, Pushkins is *not nut free* and I won’t add be adding it to the list. Have a great day!

  2. CAKES BY ERIN in Haverhill, MA
    HALF BAKED CAFE in Beverly Farms, MA
    Both are peanut and tree nut free, and they do gluten free options for those with a gluten intolerance and Cakes by Erin often does vegan cupcakes that are delicious! I was diagnosed in 1984 with a life threatening peanut allergy and being able to eat amazing cupcakes, cookies and birthday cakes from an actual bakery is awesome but not for my waist lol.

    • Thank you, Jennifer, for the suggestion. It’s always a good idea to be super careful when working with a home bakery and ask a lot of questions. I hope that Jeni’s Cakes will have the opportunity to expand!

    • Hi Rose, thanks for your suggestion. I just want to add that Sweet Love Bakery (www.sweetlovepastries.com) is not a nut free bakery, but they have a dedicated nut-free oven, equipment, and area in which to prepare nut free goodies. Their treats look really very cute!

    • Awesome, Susan! Thanks for your recommendation and I saw your post to them on FB. Isn’t it special when these wonderful nut-free allergen friendly bakeries become part of the special moments of our family? Congratulations. <3

  3. We bake peanut, tree nut, milk and dairy free. Cakes and Cupcakes are ordered to deliver locally only, but anything else can be shipping by purchasing on our website! We also do local events and fundraisers (gift certificates/ Cookie Baskets for auctions).

  4. No Nut Nation in Waldwick Nj has been amazing- dedicated tree nut and peanut free bakery with amazing treats, I love their blondies and crumb cakes

    • Thank you, Melissa. I tried looking them up and can’t find a lot of information about them. Are they still in business? Maybe I will give them a call this week to follow up, thanks.

    • Thanks Amanda for your suggestion, I won’t add them to the list since they use tree nuts such as macadamia and almonds. It’s great that they do not use peanuts but I wonder if they use tree nuts and other ingredients that are free from peanut cross contact?

  5. and last one. I haven’t tried this one yet but Gluten Free Cutie in Atlanta, GA claims “Our Bakery and Kitchen is 100% Gluten Free Bakery, Dye Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Peanut Free & Tree Nut Free.” This is their website: http://glutenfreecutie.com/

  6. Sweet Impressions is a peanut and nutfree bakery with gluten free and vegan options. Great company with wonderful employees. Located in Winnipeg, Manutoba, Canada.

  7. Not a bakery, but Videri Chocolate Factory in Raleigh, NC is a nut free facility and great for a visit. My daughter could not believe she could pick from a case of truffles. They have self-guided tours and a coffee shop inside.

  8. Baked by Yael is a nut free bakery in Washington DC in the Cleveland park area across from the national zoo.
    Also Breadsmith of Potomac,MD in the cabin John shopping center is nut free as well!

  9. Awsome sweets in Pawtucket, RI is an amazing nut free bakery. I believe you can also ask for dairy and egg free as well.


  10. Awesome list. I also highly recommend Twist bakery in Millis, ma. They made our gluten free, dairy free, peanut and tree nut free wedding cake to accommodate all of our guests and it tasted amazing!

    • Great suggestion, thank you! I’m so glad you mentioned your favorite item to order. When there are so many choices at a dedicated nut free bakery, it’s nice to know what are some good options. 😉

  11. You may wish to add our bakery to your sources.
    Touche Bakery Inc. is a wholesale bakery , totally peanut, tree-nut and sesame free, kosher ,dairy.
    Products can be found on Amazon in the USA and Canada.
    In Canada many retailers carry the products.including our cakes.
    Frozen cookie dough, muffin and brownie batter are available in 3 pound tubs.

  12. Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown, DC is nut free. Their mission is to help veterans & their families transition into civilian life. Great place for many reasons! We just had brunch there & are taking desserts to go.

  13. Cakes By design is a nut free bakery located in Barrie, Ontario. The website mentions “nut free” but they are also peanut free. They also accommodate for gluten, egg and milk-free desserts. We have ordered many cakes from them in the last 10 years and always had great quality and service.

  14. Sharon – thanks for the great list!! Have another one in Virginia to add to your list. “Out of the Bubble” is a bakery that delivers to Northern Virginia area and she also sells at Farmers Markets. The owner is allergic to nuts herself to is very dedicated to a nut free bakery but then she also has several options that are dairy and gluten free so a little something for everyone! For those in Washington DC Dog Tag Bakery on the list has been wonderful for my daughter as well!

  15. Thanks so much for this list. Just went to Monster Pho and loved it. I have a place to add. M:BGR in Montreal. Amazing burger place, all nutfree including the desserts. Great knowledgeable service. Our kids were incredibly happy. On a sad note Cho’cola is closing in two weeks.

  16. This list is so wonderful! Thanks so much for organizing it. We were at Blacker’s Bakeshop in Newton MA today. Brought home some amazing bread, muffins, a simply to die for cinnamon horn and two gingerbread people (holidays in July?). My son was almost overwhelmed with all of the safe and yummy choices.

    We also love TWIST Bakery and Café in Millis Mass–they have great breakfast and lunch items in addition to bakery treats.

    We also really like BellaCakes in Clinton Ma. They are nut free but also have homemade made on site nut free hard scoop ice cream–(hard to find)! They also have a vegan ice cream as well.

    Thanks again Sharon!

    • Fabulous feedback, thank you!! I can’t be everywhere all at once (sponsors, anyone???) so it’s great to have local folks share their favorite nut free bakeries. Sounds like your son is a lucky boy to have so many nut free bakeries to visit, whooo-hoo!!!

  17. Thank you for including me on your list. Just a minor correction… the actual bakery name is just Awsome Sweets located in RI.
    We are completely nut free but we also offer Dairy Free options.

    Thanks again for the referral

    • That’s so awesome! I looked up the company’s main home page and saw a photo of a peanut covered donut but later found the Raleigh store’s website. What a great find, thanks!

  18. Hi! Wanted to add my bakery, Rebecca’s Nut-Free, to Massachusetts. We are online and wholesale and do Cookie Dough fundraisers as well. If you need bulk Nut-free cookies for an even let we are your go to! At coffee shops, convenience store, and entertainment venues.

  19. http://chubbybunnybakery.com/wordpress/?page_id=10
    This is a bakery in the Cincinnati/Oxford Ohio area. Her website doesn’t say nut free but I called her before buying and she is nut free and her products that we buy in our local jungle Jim stores are free of the top 8 allergens. She also has products placed in the Miami university food courts for people with allergies. My kids are allergic to the top 8 allergens and these are sooo good!!

  20. Hi I run the state of New Mexico’s food allergy support group nmfaso.com and own a nut free bakery. Our bakery is 26 years old and we have two sons with multiple life threatening allergies. Our Bakery is called Fano Bread Co. we are based in Albuquerque and sell in Santa Fe and Taos as well.

  21. Thank you for this list! I can tell you that YoYo Donuts in Minnetonka, MN is absolutely delicious! We go every time we get to the Minneapolis area, and it’s worth going out of the way!

  22. Cool Cat Cupcakes in King George, VA. They are nut free, egg free, dairy free, vegan, and delicious! The cupcakes can be ordered, but they’re also sold at The Old Towne Butcher in Fredericksburg, VA.

  23. Also Sweet Megan Baking Company in Southampton, PA! They are peanut- tree nut- soy- egg- gluten- and dairy-free, and also kosher! They have such a huge selection of stuff that you just have to visit their website at sweetmeganbakery.com. I need something without those first three allergens I mentioned, and I actually got my last birthday cake there! Delicious!

  24. The Joy of Cupcakes in Springfield, VA is nut free. We got a very cute custom made cake from their for my daughter’s birthday! Tastes great, too!

  25. Have you heard of sweets from the earth from Toronto, ON? A great bakery who has many products that are allergen friendly, I believe they have 2 factories one of them which is peanut, tree nut, sesame, dairy and egg free and another factory which is gluten/wheat free (dairy and egg as well) I’ve tried a few products but looking forward to trying MANY more! If only I lived closer to TO…

    • Sounds great, Jeni! Kudos that you have a residential license, and didn’t you mention on Twitter that you also have another certification? I hope that you will eventually open a bakery storefront so people can find you, fulfill all of their nut-free cravings for sweets. 😉

  26. Online option – Caroline’s Cakes http://www.carolinescakes.com located in Spartanburg, SC
    “Caroline’s 7-Layer Christmas Caramel Cake is Featured in O, The Oprah Magazine.” The cakes look amazing. I haven’t personally tried their cakes (yet), but I did just order one for my daughter who is away at college.

  27. Grandmas Kitchen and Butterflake Bake Shop in New Jersey. So thankful for them! Iscreamery, also in NJ, can make safe ice cream cakes with soft serve if special ordered. Already mentioned, A La Mode Shoppe Ice Cream in NYC–fabulous!

  28. Hazel’s Bakery in Needham, MA is peanut (though not tree nut) free. I’ve spoken at length with the owners and they take great care to avoid using raw ingredients that are cross-contaminated with peanuts as well!

  29. Please include Four Kids Coffee in Canton, Ohio to your list. They are free from the top 8 allergens and serve lunch and baked goods. The owners are wonderful and the food is great!

  30. Hi Sharon,

    Ordered desserts for an anniversary party from Grodzinski Bakery in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, http://www.grodzinskibakery.com
    They are nut free and have 2 locations in Toronto, and also supply to Toronto Pearson Airport at both their terminals, http://www.grodzinskibakery.com/locations
    Their desserts were beautiful and tasty as well. The great thing is that they supply several types of baked goods and not just the typical cupcake and cake only type shop.

  31. We just visited Melinda’s in Capitols thanks to your list. They were amazing with our allergies and my kids really enjoyed this special treat!

  32. Pretty tasty cupcakes in conshohocken, PA. Peanut and tree nut free. Cupcakes, custom cakes, cake pops,chocolate chip cookies, stuffed cookies.

  33. An update- Caroline’s Cakes in Annapolis, Maryland has closed (so bummed as it was 2 minutes from my house!)
    Love this list though! Hoping to find something near our travels one of these days.

    • Thanks for letting me know! Apparently Caroline’s Cakes has moved to South Carolina! It’s so great to have a nut free bakery close to home, I hope you discover something new soon!

  34. Thanks for this, If you hear of anything popping up in Durham, North Carolina Id love to know.
    You should add Bliss Baked Goods in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Awesome donuts and tons of menu items.
    Nut free as well as kosher, and dairy and gluten free options

  35. In Connecticut The Cake Box in Westport is nut free with options for gluten free and vegan treats. Also in Connecticut , The Painted Cookie in Wilton is nut free , they have a store front and also ship . In Northvale, NJ D’Ercole Donuts is nut free and also makes milk shakes using Al la Mode ice cream . My son got his first and only milk shake from there this summer .

  36. Vegan Bites is awesome, but they are not totally nut free, my daughter has wheat, dairy, eggs, all nut and fish allergy, so they are very accommodating and helpful in that area.
    Dreamy desserts close shop and I really miss Penny. Will continue to find that person in Vegas. Thank you!

  37. Peace, Love and Little Donuts of Worthington, Ohio is peanut free and nut free (they do use coconut). All other Peace, Love and Little Donut locations are NOT nut free and therefore their allergen statement on their website lists nuts. The owners of the Worthington, Ohio location have intentionally chosen to make their shop nut free. They even use Skippers from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates!

    One a side note – Nut Free Sweets in Ohio made my wedding cake and it was the best cake I have ever had!

  38. We love Out of the Bubble Bakery in Virginia. They have made several birthday cakes for us. Their work is amazing — they can make *any* cake! A couple of years ago they made the most gorgeous Frozen themed cake for my daughter’s 10th birthday. This year, I’m planning a Messy Room cake and I will definitely be using them again.

  39. David’s gluten free chocolate chip brownies also work great for me. They are listed as Nut free, gluten free and dairy free. I’m allergic to tree nuts, peanuts, coconut and sesame (Had previous issues with trace amounts of allergens) but never had an issue with their brownies. I think they make other products as well.

  40. Ohiopyle Bakery and Sandwhich Shoppe in Pennsylvania and Bakers Dozen Donuts in Louisiana are both nut and peanut free!

  41. I can recommend the Lemonade Bakery in Manassas–they used to be just custom orders but I believe they now have a storefront too. I’ve gotten my son fun birthday cakes from them for about 7 years now but they have other things too–I’ve only tried the doughnuts in addition to their cakes (I wasn’t a fan of the donuts). From their website: Everything is egg, nut, and peanut free. Vegan, dairy free, soy free, and gluten free options are also available for certain menu items.


  42. Unfortunately, BreadSmith bakery in Maryland has closed. I’m on the hunt for an alternative here but haven’t found anything yet. Also, Videri Chocolate in Raleigh is still open (it was crossed out on your list and is tree nut and peanut free. Was it crossed out for another reason? Thanks and I love and cherish your information for my peanut allergic son!

    • I will add your updates to my list of things to do. I suspect that Videri is crossed out because the link needs an update as well. Sometimes websites change their URL for different pages. It’s not an intentional cross out on my part. Thanks for letting me know.

  43. Great post! I see there is nothing listed for Texas. In the Houston area we have Awesome Bites Co. which has delicious allergy-friendly muffins, cupcakes, cookies, bars, and ICE CREAM! All items are vegan, peanut and tree nut free (except for coconut) and many of their items are Top 8 free. It’s a great option for locals, but they also ship some of their items nationwide. Check them out! I’m not affiliated with them in any way but love them as a customer—my son was able to enjoy his first completely safe ice cream shop experience because of this business.

  44. I believe Al Dente restaurant in Elmwood Park NJ is peanut-free because they have a family member who is allergic. You may want to give them a call to confirm.

  45. Hello Ms Wong, and thanks for the awareness you have been spreading about options for those looking for nut free possibilities. Are you still looking for nut free bakeries in FL?

  46. Unfortunately, Half Baked in Beverly, MA just recently closed…due to a rent hike. We are hoping she will open in another location in the future.

  47. Two places to list in Michigan that we have been fortunate enough to find in the past year — Bake Superior Bread in Ironwood, MI is peanut free (not sure about tree nuts), and Oh Mi Organics is a chocolate shop in St. Johns, MI that is gluten, dairy, peanuts, soy, sesame free.

    There is also a candy store in Clio, MI called Clio Candy Co – they are peanut and tree nut free. They just changed locations, they used to be in Flushing, MI

  48. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions! I’ve considered all of your suggestions in the comments up to today and updated the post. Feel free to add your favorite bakeries in the comments so that everyone can see your suggestions until my next update. Thanks!!

  49. https://amandasown.com/
    thankfully got this off a post few months ago.
    they ship and best tasting chocolate ever! also home made marshmallows yumm
    and they have stuff safe for sunflower allergies (stuff w sunflower sep room). wish they baked besides chocolate as they cover all our kids allergies ! 🙂
    dairy-free, tree nut-free, peanut-free, egg-free, gluten-free chocolate

  50. We have a new favorite (AND NUT-FREE) chocolate company in Indianapolis!!! The have a tasting room and offer classes too!

    SoChatti Chocolate Shop & Tasting Room
    Vegan, Gluten Free, Peanut/TreeNut Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free
    “SoChatti is made with cacao beans, organic cane sugar and cocoa butter. That’s it!”

    1125 E Brookside Ave Gate D2, Indianapolis, IN 46202

  51. Online
    The original Eat’n Park restaurant cookie. SmileyCookie.com ships Smiley Cookies all over the United States in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, creating Smiles for all ages. Individually wrapped cookies for all occasions

    “Certified Peanut and Tree Nut Free and baked in a nut-free facility”

  52. Surfin’ Spoon ice cream sandwiches have become our favorite vacation treat!
    They have amazing locally made ice cream sandwiches. Made in a peanut free kitchen, allergy-friendly, and organic. Please note they are peanut free only — they do use tree nuts in some of their flavors.

    3408 South Va Dare Trail
    Nags Head, North Carolina 27959

  53. Oyatsupan Bakery in Beaverton, Oregon does not use peanuts or tree nuts in their food! (Although they do not outrightly advertise as nut-free.)

  54. We’ve been on the road again and found an amazing nut-free donut shop just outside St. Louis, Missouri! Freshest, tastiest donuts ever and the nicest people! This small business is truly a pillar in their community (and not just for those with nut allergies). It’s a busy place every morning and the line was justifiably out the door! We even bought a dozen just to take home and freeze… soooo good!
    Donut King Is A Nut Free Facility

    Donut King
    658 1st Capitol Dr
    St Charles MO 63301
    EMAIL: Paul@DonutKingStCharles.com

  55. Coles Bakery in Spokane, WA is completely peanut free 🙂 Gluten free too and they handle allergies well with no outside food allowed in to protect customers.

    • I just checked out their website, they seem so allergy-friendly (gluten-free, peanut-free). I sent them an email to see if they use any other tree-nuts besides coconut. Thank you Breanna for your recommendation!! I looked through their food photos on review sites and decided not to list them because they use tree nuts on some of the food, which might not be a good fit for everyone who follows this page. Thank you anyways!!

  56. Our greatest thrill before traveling is referring to your list, and finding a safe spot! It was from this list originally YEARS ago that I learned my uncle has a safe-for-us bakery 2 miles from his place. Just yesterday I ordered two cakes from them (Sensitive Sweets in CA) for a family gathering that’s happening next month. SHARON, I DO NOT HAVE TO BAKE SOMETHING! AND IT IS THINGS I COUDN’T BAKE (well). What. A. Treat. 😭 I’ve visited before but never had the chance to take my allergic family member there. A whole bakery filled with “yes!” It’s a big holiday treat.

  57. For Washington State, I would like to add Askatu Bakery by Liberated Foods, LLC and Doughjoy. Askatu is free of top 9 allergens and Doughjoy is vegan and nut-free.

  58. Flour Atelier in San Diego is also nut free and makes absolutely beautiful pastries. They use sunflower flour instead of almonds in their macarons. They’re brand new, having just opened around the holidays.

  59. We discovered Flour Atelier last year in San Diego, CA and tears rolled down my face as I let my nut free kid have his own independence in choosing whatever he wanted and he got to try his first macaron ever made out of sesame flour! We have since been back and it is a 2 hour drive for us but we will always make the journey for our kid to be able to walk in to a delicious bakery and choose whatever he wants without fear and hesitation

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